Sachi Massage and Wellness is temporarily closing, for at least 2 weeks. We hope to reopen April 1. We’ll be notifying everyone with appointments, and we will provide all necessary assistance with rescheduling. We will reassess our situation as we near April 1, and see if it is actually a good time to reopen.

In light of the developing situation with coronavirus, closing seems to be the best thing we can do for the community, our clients, and our staff.

Note that no new guidance has come from professional massage organizations, or the CDC about the safety of massage in light of the coronavirus. Even though we use the same universal precautions used in medical offices, and there are only a few people in our facility at any given time, massage is by nature hands-on, in close proximity with a long duration of contact. We are making this our own personal business decision, based on our own assessment of risk and tolerance for it. We currently have no symptoms and neither have any of our clients.

This is a stressful, challenging time for everyone. So we would like to offer our two favorite stress busters to calm and focus your mind. Gentle stretching is amazing, and we love a good hot cup of Chamomile tea. Be extra kind to yourself in the days ahead.

Best wishes for you and yours,

– Suzi and The Staff of Sachi Massage and Wellness

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